Expect The Unexpected. (Randy starts to feel something different for Torrie)

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Expect The Unexpected. (Randy starts to feel something different for Torrie)

Post  Randy Orton (Viper) on Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:26 am

Torrie Wilson Cena walked with Randy Orton down the high street while he held her 7 shopping bags in each hands of course belonging to Torrie.

"You know when I said, would you like to take a walk? I didn't mean go shopping" Randy said with a soft chuckle.

Torrie walked beside him, with her blonde beautiful locks shining because of the sun in the sky. "Oh I'm sorry normally when I go near a mall, or anywhere with shops I still come out with at least 2 bags" Torrie said while she watched beside the viper.

"Uh huh..I see that.." Randy softly chuckled.

Torrie tucked her blonde hair behind her right ear, while she walked next to Randy in a light pink silk strapless dress with her black low heels with a pink flower in her hair.

"Sorry Randy, but I am getting better a lot better" Torrie spoke as she giggled. "Ask John," Torrie added.

"Well anything shopping and John he kind of switches the subject"

"Ha! I drag him to the mall wherever we are at least twice a week" Torrie said to Randy.

"That's because he loves you so much that he'll do anything for you...even shopping" Randy chuckled, while Torrie linked arms with Randy.

"Well I love him too, I get dragged to baseball, and car shows all the time" Torrie said. "So marriage it takes give and take" Torrie added while she clicked her heels on the concrete.

Torrie looked at the ice cream store a few shops away. "Hey fancy an ice cream? on John?" Torrie giggled.

"Yeah why not? it's great weather for ice cream"

Torrie brushed back her blonde silk hair, as she smiled brightly underneath the sun "Yeah I thought so, and it's John so even better" Torrie added with a laugh making Randy laugh too.

"Well let's go, what would the lady want?" Randy asked.

"I'll have one scoop of double chocolate, and one of vanilla with a flake please" Torrie spoke with a smile.

"There you go,"

"Thank you" Torrie smiled while she took the cone from Randy and licked it a few times feeling the icr cream tinkle on her tongue.

"Let's go around the river" Torrie said while she walked down the path leading around the river.

"Alright, but if a swan, or a duck or goose goes for your ice cream drop it and run" Randy said as he chuckled.

"Hey! I'm not dropping mine you can" Torrie said holding the cone in her right hand.

"No mine's too delcious to drop" Randy chuckled, while he enjoyed his time with Torrie as they shared a friendly walk together.
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Re: Expect The Unexpected. (Randy starts to feel something different for Torrie)

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:49 am

Torrie giggled softly but sweetly.

"So you should never ask a woman to drop her ice cream first" Torrie spoke. "And John normally chases them away, then grabs me and we run" Torrie added with a giggle.

Randy chuckled before he and Torrie sat on a bench in front of the river. Torrie gently licked her ice cream while she watched the ducks, swans different kinds of birds in the water.

"So how's thing with you and Katie? adapting well to Robby?" Torrie asked interested.

Randy nodded. "Yeah, everything's great I'm down to 4 hours sleep though but it's alright"

"Count yourself lucky John only sleeps 2 hours a day. Last night he was so tired that I left him to fall asleep he didn't wake up until 8pm the next day so I think he caught up on the hours he was missing" Torrie spoke with a giggle.

"That's good, how's the new arrival Kelly Anne Cena?" Randy asked with a grin.

Torrie's lips parted with a beautiful smile making something stir in Randy he hadn't really felt before for Torrie. "She's amazing! a true godsend....a true, blessing little Angel John and I love her to pieces. Kayla, Joey and Sarah love her too" Torrie spoke as she smiled.

"That's great..she is a true cutie..." Randy spoke.

Torrie noticed Randy's expression and the tone of his voice. "Randy are you okay?" Torrie asked.


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Re: Expect The Unexpected. (Randy starts to feel something different for Torrie)

Post  Guest on Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:54 am

Randy nodded his head with a small grin.

"Yeah I'm fine, come on I'll take you around the other side I'm sure there's shops there" Randy spoke, he tried to walk away but Torrie grabbed him back.

"Don't try and divert me to shopping, I can tell something is wrong, so come on Viper talk to me" Torrie said.

Randy sighed. "Really everything's fine Tor," Torrie took a lick of her ice cream since it was melting.

"Nope try again"

"It's just that....there's been so many..changes in my life" Randy muttered.

"Yeah I know that's what life does Randy, it twists and turns you never know what the future is" Torrie said to Randy.

Randy nodded. "Yeah,"

"But sometimes it is for the better I mean you're happy with Katie, Robby and Rach aren't you?" Torrie asked.

"Yeah of course, I love them all very much" Randy spoke.

"So what's the problem? do you think I ever thought in my wildist dreams I would be married...to John Cena and have 4 kids with him?" Torrie asked.

Randy chuckled softly "I guess not, I just sometimes....wish that I could re write the past"

Torrie nodded as she took a bite out of her flake. "I know, it's about Trish isn't it?"

Randy nodded. "You know me so well" He chuckled softly.

Torrie brushed back her blonde hair with her finger tips "Randy, you can't keep hanging on for her to forgive you, something stirred in Trish that just exploded I always reflect on the past but the last thing I remember is Trish shooting John" Torrie muttered, feeling the tears in her eyes when she felt so close to losing him.


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Re: Expect The Unexpected. (Randy starts to feel something different for Torrie)

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