I'll Fight For You.

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I''ll Fight For You.

Post  Guest on Wed May 13, 2009 3:18 am

Torrie Wilson Cena walked down the corridor, with a faint smile across her face it had been a week since she and John had lost the baby. She still didn't understand why? she had to lose and didn't understand really what had gone wrong.

She felt a shadow around her heart, but she continued to be strong for John. Judgment Day was this Sunday, and she couldn't help but worry for John, since Big Show had left John destoryed, after he proceeded to chokeslam John through a 7000 watt search light costing John the World Heavyweight Championship and more importantly nearly his career in the wwe.

Hidden tears of fear, Torrie walked down the corridor until she gently knocked on the door then opened the door.

"Hey," Torrie gently muttered, as she looked at John still a emotional wreck.


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