The Rules For This Section (Please Read)

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The Rules For This Section (Please Read)

Post  John Cena on Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:33 pm

I decided to create this section in case any guest that visits this site and is thinking about joining has any questions they would like to ask. I only have two rules when it comes to this section.


If I see any spam the topic or post will be deleted. This is used to help any guests with any questions or concerns.


If you have an suggestions that you think would make this forum better that's fine but if you go off and say rude comments about anything or anyone the topic or post will be deleted.

Side Notes:

Not only Admins can reply to the questions, if any member knows the answer to the question you can answer it.

If there is too much spam posted in this section it will be deleted.


^Made by Me

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