Summoning the Undertaker (cont)

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Summoning the Undertaker (cont)

Post  PyRoAj on Tue Mar 24, 2009 5:46 am

This is for when Christal returns to full activness and is ready to continue this, cus i'm having such a blast from this XD. This is where it left off:

Taker thought about the question for a moment, turning away as he began to think through.

"Well...there is one thing you can do for me," he said.

"Anything" Aj replied bowing to her master

"Find me a new sacrifice," Taker said. " I need the one whose heart is pure..."

"I know the perfect person, she resists all major erges and is straight edge, as pure as pure can get, infact, she is to be sacrificed within the next few hours, how does that sound?" Aj said darkly
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